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Consultation Package

Maria Bates Nutrition

6 Week Package £455 
3 Month Package £845
6 Month Package £1625 

The length of the package is determined by the health concern you wish to address.

Each package contains an initial 1.5 hour consultation, in person or on line.

Weekly 30 minute follow up calls which includes a diet review, symptoms check and progress review with further support where required for the duration of the package.

6 week package = 5 follow up calls

3 month package = 11 follow up calls

6 month Package = 24 follow up calls

During the initial consultation we will explore your health concerns, lifestyle and body system function and discuss any functional testing that may be advantageous.

You will be supported with a personalised nutritional plan with supplement suggestions where necessary and this will be continuously reviewed and refined in the follow ups to achieve optimal health. 

If you would like to discuss booking a package with me, the first stage is to book a free discovery call, so that we can talk and determine what level of support and length of package you require.

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