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Functional Testing

Maria Bates Nutrition

Functional Package - Bespoke Pricing

Functional Testing:

I can also offer a range of testing from a number of different providers and put together a bespoke package, including the Functional Test, focusing on your symptoms and what you wish to achieve, for example:

The Food Inflammatory Test (FIT) from KBMO – this test can look at up to 176 different foods to determine which foods you are reacting to and could be causing inflammation and gut permeability.

Genetic testing from Lifecode Gx – they offer a range of testing which can give a focused look at specific DNA function – for example in hormone clearance or energy production.

Functional Dx offer a range of blood panels which can give you a baseline of your current health situation or more specifically to understand why you are suffering with fatigue or struggling to lose weight.

Microbiome stole test with Doctors Data – this test looks at your microbiome balance, digestive enzymes, parasites, yeast and many more markers which can help to determine overall Gut Health and function.

If you would like to book this service with me, the first stage is to book a free discovery call, so that we can agree your requirements.

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