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So What Could a Nutritional Therapist Do for You? Client Testimonial

There is so much noise and so many different claims on the internet and social media that I still get a little overwhelmed at times!!

How do people make the right choices to get the most for their budget – do you save money by researching and then some DIY – or do you trust someone else to cut out all the noise and focus on you and making your “good” a reality.

I often ask myself – what is it that I can add to help people choose to see a Nutritional Therapist rather than try and figure it all out themselves. I am not particularly good at selling myself or the skills I have (I can almost see that school report!) - So rather than try and put something together from my perspective – I thought I would share a recent review I received from a client. Let me introduce you to Peter……….

“I came to Maria at the age of nearly 74 after suffering from increasingly annoying IBS symptoms for quite a long time, and having last year gone through the Zoe testing regime, I soon I realised that the dietary advice Zoe gives seemed only to exacerbate the symptoms.  I had a long initial chat with Maria who showed herself to be highly sympathetic and knowledgeable.  I have been a long time user of proton pump inhibitor drugs due to a hiatus hernia and she suggested this was possibly causing my digestive problems.  She recommended an enzyme supplement which I started taking while trying the FODMAP exclusion diet.  The results of the exclusion diet were rather inconsistent so Maria next enabled me to take a food allergy blood test - my samples were analysed in the USA and showed very few if any significant allergies, but did indicate the presence of Candida in my gut with breakthrough into my blood stream from the lining of the intestines.  She then put me on a set of dietary supplements which have been previously been shown to counteract Candida.  I was impressed that this was backed up by scientific references as I am a scientist myself and somewhat sceptical of alternative medicines.  I am still completing the full course of these supplements but so far, they seem to be having a positive effect and I should soon be able to stop taking them.  (But continue with the enzymes.)

The process of working through all this with Maria has been very educational to me and I have learnt a lot about what is adversely affecting my digestive processes.  One big take away (which I probably at heart already suspected) was that I should try to avoid excess of alcohol and rich food, especially sweet things.  I heartily recommend Maria as a very competent nutritionist!’’



I don’t feel I need to say anything else about how it could work for you.

So, if you have been suffering with a health concern for a while, reach out and talk to one of us.

The initial call with me is FREE – I use that call to establish what has been happening, what “good” would feel like for you and what individual support I can offer you, to help you get you there.

Then the choice to continue or not is entirely yours, but you will have a bit more knowledge about your options.

So what have you got to lose - surely nothing, and so much more to gain.

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